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The company is committed to the development of new products, improvement of business process, adoption of modern technologies and enhancing the end user performance. The company has an able team of researchers that always work towards meeting the ever changing customer needs.

The organization is the first in the cement sector in the region to set up a fully fledged Research and Development unit. This places the company at a strategic position to be a leader in innovation

The organization has an experienced pool of chemists and engineers spearheading research and innovation activities. We have adopted four approaches in the execution of the research function as follows:

1. Product oriented approach;where a product is developed; and then market is identified for it.
2. Market oriented approach; where a product is developed in response to an identified market need.
3. Enhancement of existing product through research for improvement.
4. Product development in response to a competitor’s product
Eapcc is committed to always develop new products to satisfy the market requirements. The key products in the pipeline and ready to launch include but not limited to:
1. Cem I 52.5N
2. HRB 22.5N
3. HRB  32.5N
4. Pavers

These innovative products have various applications key to the growth of the construction industry in the country.

Cem I 52.5N
This is a high early and late strength cement product used for specific construction purposes. The product is characterized by its low heat of hydration hence preventing cracking of structures and high 28-day compressive strengths of up to 52.5Mpa.
The common uses include but not limited to:

1. Ultra-high strength concrete applications such as railway sleepers and bridges, flyovers,
2. Skyscrapers and specifically foundations, beams and slabs.
3. Precast concrete elements with very high early strengths
4. Post-tensioning and pre-stressed slabs and beams
5. Structures requiring high strength concrete
6. Large-scale mass concrete castings

This product meets the requisite parameters as per the KEBS standard and is suitable for the applications mentioned.

HRB 32.5N and 22.5N
These are innovative cement products falling under the HRB (Hydraulic Road Binders) category. These products have been specifically developed to be used for road stabilization purpose to meet the growing road construction sector needs. The product is very affordable and meets all the requisite parameters defined in the KEBS standards for road construction use.

Pre cast Products
The company has started producing pre-cast cement products with various applications in the construction industry. The pavers come in different shapes and colors with proven strengths to meet the customer needs.

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