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The process we use is the dry process, where chemical reactions take place. Basic chemical reactions are: evaporating all moisture, calcining the limestone to produce free calcium oxide, and reacting the calcium oxide with the minor materials (kunkur, bauxite and iron ore). This process takes place at about 1450°C in the kiln and results are in a final black, nodular product known as "clinker" which has the desired hydraulic properties.
In the dry process, kiln feed is fed to a 4 cyclone preheater tower. Material from the preheater tower is discharged to a rotary kiln with a diameter of 3.7m and length of approximately 54.0 m. The preheater tower and rotary kiln are made of steel and lined with special refractory materials to protect it from the high process temperatures.
The rotary kiln is fired with an intense flame, produced by burning furnace oil or coal. Preheater towers are equipped with firing as well.
The rotary kiln discharges the red-hot clinker under the intense flame into the clinker cooler. The clinker cooler recovers heat from the clinker and returns the heat to the pyroprocessing system thus reducing fuel consumption and improving energy efficiency. Clinker leaving the clinker cooler is at a temperature of about 100°C conducive to being handled on standard conveying equipment.

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