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The much anticipated shutdown, kicked off on May 15, 2019. As much as the season was cold and rainy, our production team moved on tirelessly to ensure that the job was done as scheduled.

According to Production Manager Mr. Jacob Guma, all the 254 jobs planned for during the Shutdown were done to expectations. He further stated that the scope of the job was not just the Kiln as many of EAPC PLC Colleagues thought, but the idea was to actually maintain the whole Process from Raw Material preparation to Clinkering. During his briefing, Mr. Guma said that the team, was focusing on maintenance of the Raw Material Preparation, Transport System, and Storage. Other areas included Pre-Heater, Coal Mill, Gas Conditioning Tower, the Bag House and Flash Furnace.

Maintenance of the Raw Material preparation and transport system

This included the following;

  • Conveyors where the following jobs were done;

üReplacement of worn Conveyors.

üVulcanizing of Clip Joints .

üChanging of the Drive Joint’s Oil.

üServicing of the Bearing.

  • Reclaimer

üRepairing of worn Raking Unit.

üReplacement of Material Scrappers.

üServicing of the Lubrication System.

  • Stackers

üReplacement of the Tension Drum’s worn bearing.

üServicing of the Lubrication System.

  • Impact Crasher

ü  Replacement of all worn Liners.

ü  Addfacing of the Crusher Rotor.

Raw Material Storage Areas,

Here the bins were replaced.

The Atox Twin Cyclone. Here replating was done to seal the in leaks. Initially, Force Air Gas led to overloading of the whole system which ended up in making the system use a lot of energy.

Coal Mill

Coal Mill Phisters were the main focus. The team sought to find out if all the cups were okay and those that were found to be faulty were replaced. The cups ensure that just the right amount of Coal is taken either to the Calciner or the Kiln.

Gas Cooling Tower (G.C.T)

Part of the GCT was replaced during the Shutdown. Other areas maintained included;

ü  Water spray system – Cleaning and servicing of the Spray Nozzles.

ü  Breakers – Inspection, reinforcement and installation of new support.

ü  Installation of new Manholes.

The Baghouse

The Baghouse which was installed in 2015 as part of the measures undertaken to control the amount of emissions from the plant was also worked on. Here, a number of bags that were worn out were replaced.

In Cyclone 1 replating and casting was done in areas where in leaks were being experienced. The shell in Cyclones 3 and 4 which was worn out was replated, rebricked as well as cast to ensure that the Cyclones are properly functioning. In the Flash Furnice, Decasting and Debricking was done; after which replating was done in some key areas.

In the Preheater, replating was done in the damaged shells and Air Inleaks were sealed.


The main focus of the shutdown was the Kiln. This is where the major jobs were. Debricking of the whole kiln was done after which the team assessed the kiln shell. The team realized that two portions of the shell were worn out and decided to cut out and replace them. Rebricking of the whole shell and casting of the nosering, hood and the Kiln door followed. This time round, the Kiln door was completely removed, casted, replated and anchors were also put on. All this was done because the door was damaged and usually in such a scenario would call for replacement but the team decided to fix the door themselves. The Inlet Suction Cone in the Kiln Gas Fan was also replaced to improve the efficiency and throughput of the Clinkering process. The Tertiary Air Duct (TAD) was also cleared and TAD Dumper installed.

In the Cooler, the following jobs were undertaken;

ü  Deformed bins were removed and new ones fixed

ü  New 100 OP plates were installed

ü  Chain conveyors were replaced

ü  Cooler partitions were installed

ü  Repair of some fans including ID Fan and induction fan was done. In the induction fan, the cone was replaced

ü  The spillage chain was also replaced

The team also serviced the 66kv substation particularly the Circuit Breakers, Disconnectors and Transformers.

According to the Shutdown team leaders, the support and dedication that was demonstrated by all colleagues who were involved in the Shutdown was overwhelming. Production manager Mr. Jacob Guma also expressed his gratitude for the support received from the Management. “It is quite humbling to see all this support from management bearing in mind that there are other functions of the Company that also require Management’s attention”, said Mr. Guma. “I am sure that this kind of support also played a key role in motivating the rest of the staff because they also went out of their way to ensure that the shutdown went as planned”, he added. Mr. Guma pointed out poor weather condition especially rains as the main challenge during the shutdown. This, he added, caused flooding in some parts of the plant resulting to logistical challenges.

During the Shutdown, a number of innovative ideas that helped to cut on cost were noted. Among them were;

  1. Fabricating of the Kiln door internally instead of replacing it.
  2. Modification of the lift to carry materials instead of hiring a crane.
  3. Some of the works that were to be contracted were done internally.

After the shutdown focus is expected to shift to the following areas;

  1. Supply of raw materials and coal. Part of this will be ensuring that Kibini Hill Quarry is fully supported.
  2. Maintenance of the Packing Plant to ensure we have good turnaround time.
  3. Conducting a major maintenance on Mill 5.
  4. Increase kiln output.

“After this Shutdown, we are confident that the Plant will perform much better. We expect the Kiln to run more efficiently, it’s reliability and output to increase significantly”, concluded Mr. Guma.




Kibini Primary, a school with a population of 308 pupils that is located in Kajiado East constituency, Kajiado County recently benefited from a dormitory project worth Kshs. 6 Million fully sponsored by EAPC PLC. The project was officially opened by Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives, Hon. Peter Munya, MGH on 4th March, 2019. Accompanying him were the Chairman, Board of directors of EAPC PLC Mr. Edwin Kinyua, MBS, Acting Managing Director Mr. Stephen Nthei, a representation of the Board members & Management and local leaders led by Kajiado East Member of Parliament Hon.Peris Tobiko.

During the opening ceremony where the community, pupils, teachers and board of management were also present, an official handing over of the dormitory was done by the Cabinet Secretary, Peter Munya noting that it was a noble idea for EAPC PLC to support and promote education within their environs of operations.

The Chairman and the Managing Director also gave their remarks to the community assuring them of continued support especially on education and water related projects. “The provision of such facilities in our areas of operation create a cordial relationship between EAPC PLC and the communities affected by our business operations”, Said Mr.Kinyua.

EAPC PLC is also involved in other CSR activities among them bursaries, boreholes, health care facilities etc. The focus is to better lives of those that live in communities around our areas of operation.

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