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Since 1933 the East African Portland Cement Company has been Kenya's leading cement manufacturer producing world class cement. By providing the 'lifeblood' of the construction industry since the nation’s inception, cement, we have helped build Kenya from the ground up in areas such as housing, education, health, tourism, transport and communication.
Blue Triangle Cement, our flagship brand, is well appreciated all over Kenya as a symbol of quality and reliability. The nation’s historical structural icons, such as KICC, have been built using Blue Triangle Cement. The nation’s future structural icons, such as the Thika Superhighway and Chemususu Dam, have been built using Blue Triangle Cement.
We are committed to better and brighter lives for communities we operate in, and the nation at large, by sponsoring a wide range of development projects through our Corporate Social Responsibility investments. We believe passionately in education and we consistently support brilliant but disadvantaged children as well as building classes, dormitories and boreholes to support learning in hardship areas.

Our customers rely on our commitment to deliver quality and value. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified company, a mark of our professionalism and high standards in operations. EAPCC is also OHSAS certified (Occupational Health and Safety), a mark of our world class standards of safety at the workplace. In 2011, we received recognition from the Computer Society of Kenya for Best ERP Implementation, reflecting the successful automation of all our business processes from factory floor to Management.

All staff of East African Portland Cement Company matter. From support staff to management, our employees receive continuous training to keep their skills updated. They are also encouraged to pursue higher studies. Although we have some of the most diverse and qualified resource pool in the nation, we encourage continued staff development.
We engage in continuous product improvement as well, pegged on changing market trends, technological advancement and dynamic customer needs and wants. Our commitment is to sustain customer satisfaction.

Growth, expansion and sustained profitability are the guiding principles of our business model. Our permanent base in Uganda gives us a foothold in the region and we continue to expand our regional operations even as we grow our market share in Kenya.

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